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by Suzanne White
The hearts at the side of each pairing give you a general idea of what Suzanne White deems the relationship is worth for the long haul. For more in depth information on compatibility between signs try Suzanne's book Guide To Love available for downloading online instantly at the bottom of this page.

Please Note : If a pairing score is low the couple may have another chance depending on their Western Sign Compatibility which can be seen at Cute
Rat with Rat - Eternal love, squabbles over money, luxurious lifestyle, thrilling roller coaster sensuality and Dragon and Ox babies galore!
Rat with Ox - Stodgy, durable life in the countryside complete w. barnyard and cozy conviviality. Adequate, if intermittent, passion. Dragon, Snake, Monkey , Dog and Rooster children.
Rat with Tiger - Difficult to maintain, but worth it in long run. Sex sizzles. Meeting of minds. Control issues. Dragon, Snake and Rooster babies cement your bond
Rat with Rabbit - Not really compatible. Good friends. Similar tastes in luxury items. But the spark is not there. Sex? What's that? Kids? No way.
Rat with Dragon - Unforgettable. Go for it. Full speed ahead. You can make both beautiful music and Monkey and Ox children in your big four poster bed.
Rat with Snake - Sexual sorcery from Snake department enchants Rat. Both crave power. Major differences about where to spend money. Snake wants baubles. Rat a home. Kids? Nope. Fling this one.
Rat with Horse - Fatal attraction leads to terminal dissension. Epic rows. Chinese warn off this one. Get out fast. Take no prisoners.
Rat with Sheep - Rat gets power over Goat no problem. Then Goat rebels. But Goat has power in bedroom. Rat surrenders - for awhile. Too many ups and downs lead to conflict - even divorce. For their sake, don't have kids.
Rat with Monkey - Cute couple. Rat likes safe secure home. Monkey doesn't mind. Lots of laughs and happy times in this harmonious household. Children? But of course. Dragons, Oxen, Roosters or well.... any sign really. You both adore kids.
Rat with Rooster - Picky picky! Competition for dominion and who's boss. Never the twains. Jealousy on Rat's part. Rooster tunes out. No babies should emerge from this combo.
Rat with Dog - Compromises galore but happiness ensues. Much romance and cuddling companionship. Sex passionate but intermittent. Hatch a few Tiger and Horse and Monkey babies.
Rat with Pig - Joyful union. Pigs get money Rats wallow in lavish lifestyle. Splendid no-holds-barred sex. Grow things. Like children and vegetables. Choose from Goat, Monkey or Dragon babies.
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