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The Monkey
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The Monkey
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Brief Description
Monkeys are very popular and have a magnetic personality. They can however get very competitive.
Positive Traits
reasonable, faithful, autonomous, candid, altruistic, successful, inventive, co-operative, loving, intelligent, individualistic and generous entertainers
Negative Traits
hyperemotional, capricious, guileful, self-indulgent, immature, insecure, indifferent, careless, gullible, petty and grabby scene-stealers
General Description
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The Monkey
Monkeys are fun-loving people who really enjoy a good time with friends, family or anyone else for that matter. They love practical jokes and like to play tricks on colleagues and friends alike. Monkeys tend to stir up trouble simply out of boredom, which can end up being more hurtful than they intended. Often, when this causes trouble, they expect others to understand it was all a joke and to deal with the consequences on their own.

Monkeys are curious creatures as well. Some people call them nosy. Others call them interested. The Chinese say they are just downright curious. Although gifted with a strong intellect, creativity and intuition are nor their fortes. They can't put themselves in your shoes even if they try and will become easily distracted or confused.
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