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The Sheep
Sheep Symbol
Financial Outlook
First Quarter
The planet Da La will settle down these days in one of your money sectors. Da La is not necessarily a dangerous star, but he nevertheless tends to limit possibilities of expansion. On the financial plane, his impact will result in certain stagnation. You'd do well to persuade yourself that it's in your interest to remain reasonable. Avoid superfluous expenses and everything will go well.
Second Quarter
The numerous planets that are presently in the money sectors of your natal chart will form favorable configurations but also some less beneficent combinations. Notably, the Opposition between the planets Tham Lang and Tang Mon will influence you negatively. Thus you'll have to manage your budget prudently if you want to avoid difficulties. This should not require too much effort from you since natives of your sign are naturally gifted for financial matters.
Third Quarter
Excellent news: Tu Vi, a basically beneficent planet, will settle down in the financial sector of your natal chart. This will inaugurate a long, favorable period on the financial plane. All those of you who are in difficulty can have new hopes: Your level of living must indeed improve. If you are part of those privileged who have no money problems, the period will be favorable to a reorganization of your placements.
Fourth Quarter
Manage your budget wisely and then everything will go well. The stars will practically have no direct influence on your finances these days. Thus you'll be sheltered from unforeseen difficulties which negative planets could have provoked. On the contrary, you can't count on the providential support of beneficent stars. Moreover, with Pha Quan, the star who governs one of your money sectors, you'll certainly not be prone to indulging in extravagant expenses.
Money and The Sheep
Sheep generally appear well-off. They love to spend money but do not find comfort or satisfaction in material things. They do have a knack with money though, which is well-suited for a person who spends money like the Sheep does. Sheep are always dressed to a T, looking well-groomed and well-dressed.
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