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Chinese Astrology - Outlook

Horoscopes provided courtesy of Suzanne White and Master Rao.
Present and Future Outlook
Today's Outlook
(September 20, 2014)
Careerwise, things will go very well; you'll be efficient, and your swiftness of decision will permit you to get interesting business deals under the very noses of all your competitors. Don't stop on your way: quicken your pace and achieve the most successes possible while the circumstances are so favorable. Risks of diabetes will increase. You must prevent them by adopting an appropriate diet. Begin with eliminating sugar by replacing it with an artificial sweetener; pitilessly reduce your consumption of pastries.
This Week's Outlook
Your daily humdrum routine's going to experience a small pleasant upheaval. Beware of the risks of food poisoning; see to it that the products are perfectly fresh. A little nervousness at work, but your good inspirations will render you completely efficient. Avoid people who are too talkative. Thanks to the favorable influxes, you won't be disappointed with your affections; a small change in your everyday life will prove to be beneficial to your couple. Don't forget your friends; give one of them the help he/she needs.
Outlook for 2014
Additional Outlook For Your Element (Metal)