Chinese Zodiac - Astrologist, Horoscope Writer Master Rao

Master Rao (aka Nguyen Ngoc-Rao) has been practicing true Chinese astrology for nearly thirty years. He has helped thousands of people (including celebrities) solve their problems by using this ancient 5,000 year old divination discipline.

He is also a former correspondent of the New York times and the Washington Post and an author of about forty books. If you would like more information on Master Rao please visit his website at

Below you can find some press reviews of his literary work.

- "NGUYEN Ngoc-Rao ranks among the undisputed specialists of Chinese and Asian culture. His books are written in a clear and concrete manner, and provide readers with some wisdom. (...) It is no longer necessary to sing the praises of his books - they do their advertising by themselves." (Var-Matin, 3 January, 1998).

- "An enlightened sage, NGUYEN Ngoc-Rao, helps you draw your chances from Chinese astrology's ancestral and venerable system of animal symbols." (Paris-Match, no 2537, 8 January, 1998).

- "Specialized in Chinese esotericism, Master NGUYEN Ngoc-Rao has helped thousands of people know themselves, solve their various problems, and (re)discover the joy of living." (Destins, no 14, February, 1997).

- "The one I believe and hence share with you comes from my esteemed friend and guru, a brilliant Vietnamese astrologer named NGUYEN Ngoc-Rao. He taught me that Chinese astrology, in one form or another, was widely used all over the Orient from the fortieth century BC. It became especially popular between 2953 and 2838 BC under the Emperor Fu Hsi and again under Shen Nung who as born in the twenty-eighth century BC. (...) " NGUYEN Ngoc-Rao knows a great deal about Chinese history and is an author and practicing astrologer. So, in so far as I can grasp them with my clumsy Western mind, I trust his facts..." (Suzanne White, The New Chinese Astrology, p. XX, St. Martin's Press ed., New York).